On the Cover
Kansas bison, photography by Harland J. Schuster 

Ricahard Smalley, Interim Editor
Katy Ibsen, Managing Editor
Shelly Bryant, Art Director 

In Season
Eat, Kimberly Winter Stern
Shop, Kim Gronniger
Sampler, Marci Penner
Ride, Katy Ibsen

Flying Over Flyover Country
Essay by Tom Averill
Finding a home, being home

Ode to Kansas Sunups & Sundowns
Story by Lou Ann Thomas, photo essay by Tanner Grubbs
The unique beauty og sunrises and sunsets on the prairie inspire artist and non-artists alike

Where the Buffalo Still Roam
Photo essay by Harland Schuster
Before the immigration of the Europeans, before the laying of the railroads, before the building of highways, before all this, the prairie swayed in the breezes across Kansas - today travelers can still travel the prairie and find where the buffalo still roam.

Civil War: Fort Sumter vs. the Battle of Black Jack
Story by Seth Jones, photography by Michael Snell
With battles dating to 1856 - almost five years prior to Fort Sumter - can Kansas state a claim to being the birth place of the Civil War?

2014 Kansas' Finest
Congratulations to the 2014 class of Kansas Finest, individuals who share their love of Kansas with others.

Jerry Thomas, Scott City
Wendee LaPlant, Inman
Greg Hoot, Kansas City
Interstate Highway System   

Ad Astra Per Aspera
A tribute collection of essays and photographs for Kansas 

Tour Kansas: Kansas Outlaws
Story by Carolyn Kaberline
The Sunflower State is known for its famous lawmen - but its infamous villans are legendary as well 

Taste of Kansas: Kansas Chicken
Story by Meryl Carver-Allmond, photography by Jason Dailey
Rival eateries Chicken Annie's and Chicken Mary's have sat side by side for decades - but please don't make us choose.

Recipe Feature: German Coleslaw 

Milestone: Wyldewood Cellars celebrating 20 years