KANSAS Winter 2013 coverIn this Issue

Reasons We Love Kansas
From bow-shooting beauty queens to coffee roasters, science camp to fields of lavender, here are a few reasons we love Kansas this winter
Written by Gloria Gale

A Symbolic State
Discovering history, lore and art on Kansas' state symbols
Country Roads Rising star Logan Mize takes his Kansas roots for a spin in every song he writes and sings
Written by Kimberly Winter Stern

Kansas' Finest
Meet the 2013 class of Kansas' biggest fans

The Making of KANSAS!

Our Town: Matfield Green
That old "Matfield Magic" is drawing people back to this historic community
Written by Lou Ann Thomas

Tour Kansas: Deep Roots
Shawnee Town 1929 proudly celebrates its agricultural heritage with a revitalized living history museum
Written by Gloria Gale


Taste of Kansas: Project Runway
Don't leave hungry-stop by an airport restaurant before soaring into the wild blue
Written by Gloria Gale

Airport Steakhouse Handmade Onion Rings Recipe

Beaumont Signature Steak Soup

Beaumont Signature Steak Soup

Milestone of Kansas: William Allen White