On the Cover
Hit the Road, photography by Jason Dailey

Jennifer Haugh, Editor
Katy Ibsen, Managing Editor
Shelly Bryant, Art Director

In Season
Eat, Gloria Gale
Shop, Kimberly Winter Stern
Culture, Nathan Pettengill
Sampler, Marci Penner

Five Getways to Take This Year
There's more that meets the eye in Kansas, and we've found five excursions that are sure to quench your craving for a weekend getaway. Featuring: Lindsborg, Miami Co, the Flint Hills, Great Bend, and the Southwest.

For the City Slickers
Story by Richard Shank, photography by Aaron East & Doug Stremel
For an old-fashioned, authentic ranch experience atop the Kansas prairies, cattle drives provide an unforgettable experience.

Uncovering Hidden Treasures
Story by Seth Jones
Kansas' state parks are some of the finest not only in the U.S.,but the world.

Kansas River Trail
Story by Kim Gronniger, photography by Gary Jones
From Junction City to Kansas City, the Kaw provides a free-flowing good time.

Taste of Kansas: Yes, Real Men Eat Quiche
Story by Gloria Fale, photography by Jason Dailey
Brunch has made its comeback, and restaurants across Kansas are putting in their order.

Volland General Store celebrates 100th anniversary.