Gloria GaleGloria Gale - Writer - Overland Park

Gloria never really thought of herself as a Kansan until a 30 residency convinced her she wasn't moving back to Missouri. Even though she started on that side of the state line, her turf seems to be solidly rooted in Johnson County; and, she's pretty happy about that. Think about cities where your perch is probably above the tree line, can't own a car and the sidewalks are jammed 24/7-that's why Gloria never left. Here, the seasons suit her temperament, traffic snags are rare, rent's cheap and every one she holds dear is relatively close by. It's easy to trace her path from point A (art teacher) to B (program director) then on the C (writer/producer). All the while, she's never budged from terra firma. Who knows what the next act holds but she's pretty sure words will have a starring role.

 Gloria's Work in KANSAS!
Winter 2012-"Reasons We Love Kansas"