Our Natural Wonder
Quivira National Wildlife Refuge is fast becoming one of the most important wetlands for migrating shorebirds and waterfowl in North America.
By John Rakestraw, photos by Bob Gress

A Road Less Traveled
Wabaunsee County's Skyline Mill Creek Scenic Drive offers a "top-of-the-world" view of the Flint Hils and interesting stops along the way.
By Dinah Faber

Alive in the Kansas Ozarks
The tiny town of elk Falls brings in tourists by the busload to a step back in time.
By nancy G. Holman

Home at Winfield
Good people...good times...and great music. The Walnut Valley Festival marks its 25th year in September.
By Gerald Weins

She Hath Done What She Could
Medicine Lodge observes the 150th birthday of one of its most notable citizens-Carry A. Nation.
By Dorothy Reed, photos by Jim Bertoglio

The Santa Fe Trail is Born
In this excerpt from Emporia author Don Coldsmith's upcoming novel, Tallgrass, frontiersman jed Sterling ia a scout for William Becknell's second expedition to Mexico.
By Don Coldsmith, painting by Jerry Gadis

Persuing the Pheasant
Hunter's who use one of Sublette's three pheasant hunting services always bag their limits.
By Edna Bell-Pearson

Ellinwood's Underground World
Unusual underground tunnels offer a glimpse into this historic Santa Fe Trail town's unique past.
By Pat Mitchell, photos by David Clouston

Celebrating Fall
The entertainment is free and the crowds are festive at the annual Louisburg Ciderfest.
By Judith Galas

The Pride of Paola
Paola's historic Park Square is revitalized by turning back time.
By Kevin Gray, photos by Michael Snell

Fall at the Grinter House
Kansas City's Grinter House celebrates its place in Kansas history...and the fall season...with its annual Applefest.
By Debra DeCoster, photos by Craig Thompson

Volume 51, Issue 3
Andrea Glenn, editor
On the cover: Fall at Shermerhorn Park in Cherokee County by Steve Mulligan