Dennis Toll - writer - Manhattan

A native of Kansas, Dennis' Swedish ancestors settled in Wallace County in the 1890s. A degree in Landscape Architecture (Kansas State University, 1980) combined with a passion for the tallgrass prairie gave, Dennis a strong interest in the natural history of Kansas, its landforms and the unique ecosystems found here. After earning a master's degree in theology, Dennis taught biblical literature for a decade in France. The call of Kansas, however, brought Dennis home to the prairie, where he worked briefly in the divergent careers of sports writing and tourism. Even with this varied background, a day spent hiking in the Flint Hills is Dennis' favorite way to spend a day. Readers can follow his passion for the prairie at With Amy, his wife of 30-plus years and a Kansas native herself, Dennis lives in Manhattan, along with four daughters, a son-in-law, and two granddaughters close at hand.

Dennis' work in KANSAS!
Spring 2011- "Garden Variety"