Cecilia HarrisCecilia Harris - Writer - Abilene

This professional freelance writer loves discovering fascinating attractions, great-tasting food at unique restaurants, fun events, and interesting people in Kansas almost as much as she enjoys writing about all of the above to inspire the exploration and appreciation of her home state. Reared on a farm near the small town of Cuba in north central Kansas, she never saw any reason to leave the Sunflower State, residing in Abilene ever since earning a journalism degree from Kansas State University in Manhattan. A regular contributor to KANSAS! Magazine for many years, Cecilia has written numerous articles about dining establishments as well as feature stories about people, places and activities. She also currently writes a foodie blog and an arts, culture and heritage blog for Kansas Travel and Tourism that are posted on blog.travelks.com. Her articles have appeared in international, national, state and local publications, and she has authored two books, "Historic Homes of Abilene" and "Abilene's Carousel."


Cecilia's work with KANSAS! magazine includes:

Winter 2012 - "Taste of Kansas-Family Recipes"
Spring 2011 - "Taste of Kansas: Dining Alfresco"
Summer 2010 - "Taste of Kansas: Cajun/Creole"
Spring 2010 - "Taste of Kansas: The Cupcake"
Spring 2010 - "All Aboard!"
Winter 2009 - "Our Town: Lindsborg"
Winter 2009 - "Taste of Kansas: Holiday Brunch"
Fall 2009 - "Taste of Kansas: Apple-icious"
Summer 2009 - "Taste of Kansas: Hamburger Joints"
Spring 2009 - "Taste of Kansas: Cinnamon Rolls"
Winter 2008 - "Taste of Kansas: Christmas Cookies"
Fall 2008 - "Taste of Kansas: Best Barbecue Quest"
Summer 2008 - "Taste of Kansas: Chicken To Crow About"
Spring 2008 - "Taste of Kansas: Dining With Interest"
Winter 2007 - "Taste of Kansas: Swedish Treats"
Fall 2007 - "Taste of Kansas: Tailgating Temptations"
Summer 2007 - "Taste of Kansas: Best Pie Quest"
Winter 2006 - "Chisholm Trail Restaurants"
Winter 2004 - "A Side of History: Restaurants in Historic Hotels"
Fall 2004 - "Clay Center's Piotique"
Spring 2004 - "Bleeding Kansas"
Fall 2002 - "Museums and More"
Summer 2002 - "American Indian Creativity Lives in Kansas"
Spring 2002 - "A Rich History From Two Perspectives: Adobe House Museum and Schaeffler House"
Winter 2001 - "The Brookville Hotel Flies the Coop to Roost in Abilene"
Fall 2001 - "From Ike to Klinger, The Eisenhower Museum Has It All"
Summer 2000 - "Chicken Annie's and Chicken Mary's"
Summer 1999 - "A Taste of the Old Country: Newton's Breadbasket"
Spring 1999 - "Smolan's Hickory Tree Restaurant"
Winter 1998 - "Realizing A Vision: Two New Abilene Museums"
Fall 1998 - "The Best of Both Worlds: Litsey Fine Arts Studio"
Fall 1998 - "Soaring To The Summit: Beaumont's Summit House Country Inn"
Spring 1997 - "Reliving the Wild West: Chisholm Trail 130th Anniversary"
Summer 1996 - "Chapman's Windmill Inn"
Winter 1995 - "Sterling's Barn"
Summer 1995 - "A Place For Sippin' Sodas"
Winter 1994 - "Holiday Open House in Abilene"
Fall 1994 - "The Kingfisher's Inn"
Summer 1994 - "Hillsdale Bank Barbeque"
Winter 1993 - "All Aboard! Prairie Junction Restaurant"
Fall 1993 - "Newton's D Barn"
Spring 1993 - "The Inn at Sedgwick"
Fall 1992 - "Topeka's La Siesta"
Spring 1992 - "Historic Restaurants: Eureka's City Café"
Winter 1991 - "Historic Restaurants: Smith Center's Elegant Ingleboro Restaurant"
Fall 1991 - "Historic Restaurants: Drury Pennell House"
Summer 1991 - "Historic Restaurants: Mom's Café"
Spring 1991 - "Historic Restaurants: Old Hardesty House Hotel"
Winter 1990 - "Historic Restaurants: Haderway House"
Fall 1990 - "Eisenhower Centennial Series: 100th Birthday Celebration"
Fall 1990 - "Historic Restaurants: Sitka's Old Weigh Station"
Summer 1990 - "Eisenhower Centennial Series: Dwight D. Eisenhower's Early Life"
Summer 1990 - "Historic Restaurants: Brookville's Chicken Dinners"
Spring 1990 - "Eisenhower Centennial Series: I Still Like Ike"
Spring 1990 - "Historic Restaurants: Leavenworth's Skyview Supper Club"
Winter 1989 - "Historic Restaurants: 1887 Olde Towne Kitchen"
Fall 1989 - "Historic Restaurants: The Cotton Club"
Summer 1989 - "Historic Restaurants: Old Bunker Hill Café"
Spring 1989 - "A Class Act: Chapman High School Class Night"
Winter 1988 - "Historic Restaurants: A Smorgasbord of Swedish Treats, Lindsborg's Swedish Country Inn"
Fall 1988 - "Council Grove's Hays House, A Succulent Slice of History"
Spring 1988 - "Rock Around the Clock: Cuba Rock-A-Thon"
Spring 1988 - "Full Circle: C.W. Parker Carousel"
Winter 1987 - "The Tietjens' Touch"