Carol L. Jenkner - Writer - Dodge City, Kansas

A love affair with antique quilts and their makers brought American history to life for writer Carol Jenkner. Learning the personal histories of the quilt makers, Jenkner began to appreciate the events going on in the world at the times these treasures were being made.
This led to a wider interest in such topics as Civil War and Santa Fe Trail history and finally to a more specific interest in local histories wherever she was living at the time. Today, Ms. Jenkner lives in Dodge City, where the history of the Old West continues to be celebrated. In addition to writing, she is a teacher who spends her summers taking road trips to obscure Kansas locations including ghost towns and sites of historic interest. Although a native of Oklahoma, Jenkner feels that the state of Kansas is a historic treasure trove, where visitors can enjoy present day pleasures or experience the excitement of historic events and places first hand.

Carol's work in KANSAS!
Spring 2011-"Tour Kansas:Embark on the Southwestern High Plains