Flint Hills

The Flint Hills

The Beauty of the Flint Hills

The Flint Hills are an incredible, wonderful, almost magical place.There's no other place like it. 

- Naturalist Jan Jantzen

Soaring and diving from hilltop to valley along one of the quiet country highways through the Flint Hills will quickly challenge your notions of prairie. Flat? Not here. Empty? Not if you look closely. The continent's largest remaining tract of tallgrass is also one of America's unique places, harboring a wealth of adventure, beauty, and history. The region's sweeping horizons and carpets of wildflowers captivate artists and enchant visitors. 

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"The Flint Hills of Kansas remain true to their unique and nationally important story as a well preserved and sustainable Tallgrass prairie living landscape."

Mission Statement:
"The residents of the Flint Hills work collectively to balance preservation, conservation, education, recreation, economic development and interpretation for the betterment of the lifestyle and natural resources of the region. This is done through the development and implementation of plans and coordinated activities that capture the grassroots efforts of stakeholders who support the vision for the future of the Flint Hills."