Kansas Agritourism Program

Kansas Agritourism - where tourism meets agriculture!

Agritourism is a unique experience that combines traditional agriculture with tourism. Kansas agricultural producers realize the benefits of tailoring their operations to tourism. Tourists enjoy visiting Kansas farms, ranches, and wineries and participating in the rural lifestyle. These activities provide lifelong memories for tourists and additional revenue for Kansas farmers who host them.

Agritourism attracts tourists who participate in activities on a working farm, ranch, or at a lodge, outfitter, winery, or other agricultural operation. These activities might include outdoor recreation, activities, educational experiences, or opportunities to shop, dine or stay in Kansas, all while supporting Kansas agricultural producers. These activities help to sustain the rural way of life and keep more producers on our Kansas lands.

Intro to Kansas Agritourism Program

Ready to learn more about the Kansas Agritourism Program? Or maybe you're ready to dive more into the limited liability that the program provides? We're answering all of your questions in this handy document.

KDA Agritourism Licensing Guide

This checklist will help guide you through various resources and requirements for opening and operating a typical Kansas agritourism destination. In addition to license requirements by KDA, other Kansas agencies, as well…

About Kansas Agritourism

The Kansas Agritourism Promotion Act was signed into law in 2004. The purpose of the act is to promote the growth of the agritourism industry in Kansas.

Getting Started

Proper planning is the key to starting a successful business. This checklist can serve as a guide for planning.


Kelsey Wendling Agritourism Manager