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The history of Pioneer Bluffs began like many ranches in the Flint Hills. In 1859, Charles Rogler, a young Austrian immigrant, walked from his home in Iowa to build a new life in Kansas. Charles’ son, Henry, and in turn a grandson, Wayne, later took the reins, making the ranch operation one of the most well-respected in the region.

Today Pioneer Bluffs is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving the ranching heritage of the Flint Hills. Located in the heart of the Flint Hills, Pioneer Bluffs’ 12 acre homestead serves as a gateway to understanding the past, present, and future of ranching, as we explore the unique features of ranching in the Flint Hills.

Discover our National Register Historic District with an iconic 1915 barn, restored to a one-of-a-kind event space that has historic charm;  a 1916 granary/carriage house renovated to host ranching exhibits and research library; a classic 1908 farm house; log cabin; and mile-long limestone fence.


Region:  South Central

Contact Name:  Lynn Smith

Phone:  (620) 753-3484

Website:  Pioneer Bluffs


1936 Kenneth Robertson, Joe King, Kay Golden, Oscar Butters, Henry Rogler


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