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Duck Hunting

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Waterfowl Hunting

In the hottest part of the Central Flyway, with about seven months of hunting season and a huge diversity of waterfowl, Kansas can fit any waterfowler’s needs and desires.

Some find theirs with just a dozen decoys, placed on barely a puddle’s worth of water on a hot summer day. Yours might be on a snowy morning when it’s below freezing, with more decoys in a field than people in the nearest town – we’re talking about the huge smiles Kansas waterfowlers will be wearing.

Cheyenne Bottoms, the largest natural marsh in the country, is one of many shallow water marshes Kansas manages to be havens for ducks and duck hunters. They’re perfect for an early season guy or two with a bag of decoys riding atop thin shirts as they explore until they find a small spot to take pintails, teal, and other puddle ducks.

As thin water freezes, Kansas’ two dozen-plus major reservoirs, and rivers that feed them, attract and hold huge flocks of mallards that become butterball fat on nearby crop fields.

Speaking of crop fields, Kansas is a top national destination for serious hunters wanting to hunt flocks of Canada, white-fronted, and snow geese that often number in the thousands.

Many hire outfitters who employ scouts in every direction, then help place decoy spreads that take hours to arrange on perfect fields. When the guide yells “take ‘em,” you’ll rise from the blind to a horizon filled with birds.

Trust us, you’ll be smiling. – there’s no place like Kansas.

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