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Kansas Pheasant Hunting

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Upland Bird Hunting

You know those times a hunting dog is sleeping, but it’s paws are twitching wildly and nostrils flaring wide? It’s probably dreaming of hunting Kansas birds.

Kansas has some of America’s highest populations of two of the finest game birds to ever be scented by a canine – bobwhite quail and ring-necked pheasant.

If not the best for each, Kansas always ranks near the top three for each species. But put the two together, for a fun combination hunt for both, no place in the world is better for birds so different. Hunts with both are more common than not.

Tiny bobwhites, a.k.a. “Gentle Bob,” are famed for “they’re right there!” rock-solid points on coveys of 20 or more. Compared to quail, rooster pheasants are downright rude as they’d rather run than fly. For long distances they’ll frustrate the dog tracking it’s trail and hunter behind it. But when all comes together, the colorful and loud flush of a glorious hard-long from beak to tail-tip is almost too pretty to be true.

Kansas seasons run from mid-November through Jan. 31, giving time for multiple trips. Kansas’ assorted 1.5-million acres of public hunting land provides countless options. Some are primarily for quail and even more for pheasants. But to be honest, in Kansas you never know which bird will rise next.

Could be pheasant. Could be quail. Occasionally both at the same time.

It’s no wonder good hunting dogs spend so much time dreaming of Kansas. Many avid hunters do, too. There’s no place like Kansas.

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