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Turkey Hunting

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Turkey Hunting

A Message From the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism

During these unprecedented times, the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism is committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of the outdoor community, residents and nonresidents alike.

As promised, Kansas state parks, state fishing lakes and wildlife areas have not closed. We are confident the outdoor community will continue to make every effort to practice safe social distancing, and refrain from gathering in groups of 10 or more, to ensure these facilities remain open for the enjoyment of all.

Spring seasons will continue as planned, including Kansas’ spring turkey season. Hunters traveling from states listed on the Kansas Department of Health and Environment’s “Travel Quarantine List,” referenced here http://www.kdheks.gov/coronavirus, must self-quarantine upon arrival for 14 days prior to hunting and/or checking into a state park cabin.

Nonresident hunters who have purchased a spring turkey permit and are no longer able to travel to Kansas may get a refund by emailing kdwp.sales@ks.gov.

Whether Kansas is your “home” or your “home away from home,” we invite you to connect with us through our website, ksoutdoors.com, and our free mobile apps, CampIt KS and HuntFish KS, where you can enjoy 24/7 online access to nearly all of our in-person services.

Stay safe and stay healthy.

Your Friends at the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism


Few sounds raise a hunter’s heart rate like the gobble of a wild turkey. Few sights drop their jaws like a big gobbler coming to calls, tail a perfect half-circle, and the sun reflecting off the tips of hundreds of raised feathers like a prism the size of an Angus calf.

No place in the world is better to experience these amazing sights and sounds than in Kansas.

The relatively open ranch and farm country of central and western Kansas is home to the Rio Grande subspecies of turkeys. Dawn at communal roosts in riparian areas may have a dozen or more gobblers sounding their excitement back and forth like an avian version of “the wave.”

Nearer the Missouri border the turkeys are of the eastern subspecies, the same basic birds of the Appalachians and Ozarks, only larger and louder. Every spring many hunters come to Kansas to take one of each, Rio Grande and eastern, filling half of the coveted Grand Slam of America’s main four turkey subspecies.

Kansas also claims huge flocks of hybrid turkeys, Eastern/Rio Grande crosses that carry the best of both subspecies.

Kansas’ spring season runs a full two-months, with kids and archers getting first crack at gullible gobblers. Public hunting opportunities usually total over 700,000 acres. It all combines to give Kansas one of the highest hunter success rates in the wild turkey world.

If gobbles get your pulse racing – there’s no place like Kansas.

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