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Just when you thought Kansas couldn’t offer any more than world-class white-tailed bucks, hard-gobbling turkeys, fantastic pheasant and quail opportunities, and more than six months of wonderful waterfowl hunting, you find out there’s more. Much, much more to hunt in Kansas.

With coyotes heavily populated from border to border, with no closed season, Kansas offers predator-calling opportunities the year-round. Bobcats, also in good numbers, can be tolled to calls and taken during the state’s long fur harvesting season. Calling can be good on most public lands, but a little asking around often finds willing landowners who are tired of losing calves and fawns to the predators.

Cottontail rabbits, the reason bobcats and coyotes are so thickly populated, also have no closed season and are abundant on most public hunting areas. Virtually un-hunted by most, every year more and more owners of beagles are coming to Kansas to run their little hounds in a nearly non-stop chorus of excited baying and bawling.

And though most sportsmen primarily come to Kansas in the late fall and winter, September can also be prime time for wingshooting. Kansas’ annual Sept. 15-Oct. 15 early prairie chicken season is perfect for those who want to work their dogs wide miles, at a time of year when the birds should hold for points.

As for those who don’t like a lot of walking, Kansas’ wildlife areas helped pioneer the methods needed to provide lightning fast shooting on sunflower fields where doves circle like clouds of bees from a shaken hive.

For Kansas hunters, there’s no such thing as down time  – there’s no place like Kansas.

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