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Kansas Deer Hunting
Elk County

Kansas Deer Hunting

Antler to antler! Kansas deer season is a constant provider of great hunts. Get your license and learn more Learn more

Deer Hunting

It’s almost not fair comparing a big Kansas white-tailed buck to those of most states. Fertile crop fields and great genetics can grow bucks with huge bodies, and often antlers of unbelievable proportions with at least 10 ten dagger-like points.

And America’s most popular big game animal can grow to trophy size in all parts of the state. In the east, that can be steep rocky and wooded hills. On the western high plains, prairie whitetails often share their home with antelope, jackrabbits and prairie dogs.

Kansas deer hunters enjoy one of the highest hunting success rates in the nation. Opportunities range from do-it-yourself events on Kansas’ 1.5 million acres open to public hunting, to fully guided trips on vast ranches legendary for colossal bucks.

In Kansas, centerfire rifles in the firearms season legally allow hunters to shoot far across the open prairie, if needed. Muzzleloaders, of any style, can be equipped with scopes for a productive black powder season.

Many out-of-state hunters prefer the long archery season, which allows crossbows and encompasses the rut. It can be a time with bucks chasing does all day. Or, when hunters rattle antlers to spark a classic Kansas monster buck into running within range amid a testosterone-driven rage.

Sometimes such a sight sends the hunter into such a quaking case of buck fever, shots are missed so badly that arrows are never found. At least in Kansas, another chance at a great buck might come along at any time.

There’s no place like Kansas.

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