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Kansas Hunting FAQs

What animals can you hunt in Kansas?

  • Whitetail deer, pheasant, bobwhite quail, duck, geese, prairie chickens, dove, coyotes, bobcats, rabbits, squirrels, prairie dogs, mule deer.

How much does a hunting license cost in Kansas?

  • $27.50 residents (365 days from purchase)
  • $42.50 resident youth multi-year (16-20, expires at 21)
  • $47.50 resident hunt/fish combo
  • $102.50 resident five-year (1,825 days from purchase)
  • $15 resident senior (65-74)
  • $97.50 for non-residents. (365 days from purchase)
  • $137.50 nonresident hunt/fish combo
  • $42.50 non-resident youth, 15 and younger (365 days from purchase)

Can you buy a Kansas hunting license online?

  • Absolutely! Go to kshuntfishcamp.com. You can also buy some special stamps and many big-game and wild turkey permits and tags online.

What are the hunting seasons in Kansas?

  • Click here for the most up-to-date list of all hunting seasons

Are there mule deer in Kansas?

  • Kansas has a nice populations of mule deer in the western 1/3 of the state. Special permits are needed to hunt them. Kansas has produced some of America’s best bucks.

How do you get a hunting license in Kansas?

How much is a Kansas lifetime hunting license?

  • $502.20 with single payment. $552.20 with quarterly payments. Hunting/fishing lifetime combination is $962.50. $1052 with quarterly payments.

Can you bait deer in Kansas?

  • Baiting deer is legal on private lands in Kansas. It is illegal on all lands managed by the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism. That includes lands enrolled in the Walk-In Hunting Area program.

Can you hunt elk in Kansas?

  • There is elk hunting in Kansas. Most hunters have drawn special permits, distributed by drawing, on or near Fort Riley, on a free-ranging herd. Permits can also be purchased at most license vendors to hunt small elk populations in other parts of the state. Morton County is not open to elk hunting.

Are crossbows legal in Kansas?

  • Yes, it is legal to hunt big and small game in Kansas with crossbows during any season that allows archery hunting. There are no minimum requirements as per poundage.

Are there elk in Kansas?

  • Yes, free-ranging and captive herds. The largest free-ranging elk herd is on and around Fort Riley. There’s another sizable herd along the Arkansas River in far western Kansas. Amid other scattered populations is one along the Ninnescah River in central Kansas. The elk herd contained in Maxwell Wildlife Refuge is probably the most seen, and photographed, elk herd in Kansas.

How much is a Kansas turkey tag?

  • $37.50 resident permit/game tag combo - spring only
  • $27.50 resident permit - spring or fall
  • $20.00 landowner/tenant permit/game tag combo – spring only
  • $15.00 landowner/tenant – spring or fall
  • $17.50 resident game tag – spring only
  • $12.50 resident youth permit/game tag combo
  • $7.50 resident youth game tag – spring only
  • $87.50 nonresident permit/game tag combo - spring only
  • $62.50 nonresident permit - spring only
  • $52.50 nonresident permit – fall only
  • $45.00 nonresident tenant permit/game tag combo - spring only
  • $32.50 nonresident tenant permit – spring only
  • $32.50 nonresident game tag – spring only
  • $27.50 nonresident tenant permit – fall only
  • $22.50 nonresident youth permit/game tag combo - spring only
  • $12.50 nonresident youth permit or game tag – spring only

For more information on Turkey seasons and fees, head to ksoutdoors.com.

How much is a resident deer permit in Kansas?

  • $52.50 firearms either-species permits (July application)
  • $42.50 muzzleloader, archery either-species and any-season whitetail permits
  • $32.50 landowner/tenant either-species permit
  • $22.50 landowner/tenant any-season whitetail or muzzleloader either-species
  • $22.50 youth firearm either-species permit (July application)
  • $22.50 resident adult whitetail antlerless-only tag.
  • $12.50 youth archery, youth muzzleloader either-species, youth any -season whitetail
  • $10 resident youth whitetail antlerless-only.

For more information on Deer seasons and fees head to ksoutdoors.com.

How much is a non-resident deer permit?

  • $442.50 whitetail combo (April application)
  • $117.50 youth whitetail combo (April application)
  • $152.50 mule deer stamp (April application)
  • $87.50 nonresident hunt own land, tenant hunt own land
  • $97.50 nonresident tenant either-species firearm (July application)
  • $87.50 nonresident tenant any-season whitetail
  • $52.50 whitetail antlerless-only

For more information on Deer seasons and fees head to ksoutdoors.com.

How much is a fishing license in Kansas?


  • $42.50 resident youth, multi-year (16-20)
  • $47.50 resident fish/hunt combo
  • $27.50 resident (365 days)
  • $15.00 resident senior (65-74)
  • $ 8.50 resident one-day


  • $137.50 nonresident fish/hunt combo
  • $52.50 nonresident (365 days)
  • $27.50 nonresident five-day
  • $14.50 nonresident one-day

For more information on Fishing permits and fees head to ksoutdoors.com.

How much does it cost to hunt deer in Kansas? 

Prices based on an average five-day non-resident deer hunt.

  • $442.50 nonresident deer permit (adult)
  • $137.50 nonresident hunting license (needed, good 365 days)
  • $300 motel, total of five nights, single occupancy
  • $175 meals, three per day, five days
  • $3,500 outfitter (price range for outfitter/guide varies greatly, includes lodging and meals)
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