Gravel Cycling

Gravel Cycling

Every back road is an opportunity to ride; whether it be a leisurely trip or a gravel grinder, Kansas' gravel cycling is out... Learn more

Gravel Cycling

The gravel scene in Kansas is everything you’re looking for – a top destination for gravel enthusiasts of all kinds. You’ll enjoy the experience and the environment on our abundance of low-traffic gravel roads and scenic rolling hills. Gravel, all-road or mixed terrain. Level routes or challenging hills. Short sight-seeing excursions or exhausting multi-day events. Cyclists find their favorite opportunities here!

Popular grassroots races like Unbound Gravel have earned Kansas international gravel-grinding fame. Most of today’s well-known Kansas events started as small-scale affairs with low to no entry fees. That welcoming, laid back attitude continues … with great after parties! Events like Gravel Ride for Maisie's Pride in and around Eskridge takes riders through the scenic and challenging Flint Hills – gravel mecca of the Midwest – and offer distance options for every appetite. Or, pedal under summer moonlight with hundreds of fellow gravel enthusiasts in Emporia’s annual Lunar Kanza ride. Gravel events are so popular here that almost every weekend you’ll find one or more gravel races.

Whether you’re new to gravel, or a veteran grinder, we have the information you need to plan a great ride. Share your ride with us at #ToTheStarsKS!

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