Haskell Cultural Center & Museum

Haskell Cultural Center & Museum

Serving as a visitor center for Haskell Indian Nations University, the center features exhibits from the university's... Learn more

Native American Experience

Prior to Kansas’ statehood, many American Indian peoples inhabited the lands. The Arapaho, Cheyenne, Comanche, Kansa, Kiowa, Osage, Pawnee, and Wichita tribes all considered present-day Kansas their home. Displaced from their original homelands, many emigrant tribes also occupied the area.

Lands in the West, including present-day Kansas, were determined to be unsuitable for white settlement. Nearly 30 American Indian tribes were relocated and given land in the areas with assurance by the government that they would not be moved. After the Civil War, conflicts between American Indians and the U.S. military occurred as white emigrants moved west to settle land in Kansas. One such encounter was the Battle of Arikaree in 1868.

Today, Kansas is home to four Indian reservations – the Iowa, Kickapoo, Potawatomi, and Sac and Fox. Museums and exhibits help you to discover the history of native people in Kansas – learn more below!


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