Pawnee Indian Museum

Pawnee Indian Museum

The museum surrounds an excavated Pawnee earth lodge from the 1820s. Exhibits enhanced with authentic music provide an... Learn more

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Kansas’ history includes stories from diverse cultures. Learn about the tribes considered native to present-day Kansas, and the emigrant tribes forced to make it their homeland. Trace the footsteps of volunteer African American soldiers who fought confederates, or the Buffalo Soldiers who fought against Native Americans in the Indian Wars. In 1859, the Kansas Constitution was ratified and Kansas entered the United States as a free state – opening the state to all settlers regardless of their ethnicity or race. Kansas has been a conduit in the movement for civil rights, from the Underground Railroad to Brown v. Board of Education – discover how Kansas was a leader in change.


Historic Brown V. Board Grinter Place Historic Site

Haskell Cultural Center

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