Gypsum Hills
Gypsum Hills

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We have divided the state of Kansas into 6 regions.

The Northwest region includes the area from the Colorado border on the west near Weskan, north to the Nebraska border, east to Agra then south to Hays.

The North Central region begins on the west edge just south of I-70 at Gorham. Travel north to Kensington then east to the Summerfield area and south past Maple Hill just a few miles.

Our Northeast region has Osage City in its southwest corner. From there take a trip north to St. Benedict, northeast to Wathena and south to Louisburg.

Begin at Elkhart in the Southwest corner traveling north beyond Tribune, take a turn to the east all the way to Otis and then head south to the Coldwater area – now you are in the Southwest Region.

Traveling in South Central Kansas could include starting at Kiowa, heading north to Hoisington then east to Strong City and Cottonwood Falls and south to Dexter, just above the Oklahoma border.

The 6th region is Southeast. Head north from Cedar Vale on the Oklahoma border to HWY 56, west to Linn Valley and finally all the way to our SE corner to Baxter Springs and Galena.


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