Woodston was founded in Lowell Township, eastern Rooks County, in October of 1885 because of a single creating force – the railroad. The man most responsible for the construction of the railroad and the founding of Woodston was the Stockton businessman after whom the new town was named, Charles C. Woods. Robert L. Stephens was acknowledged as the town’s founder. But the town was later named Woodston in honor of Mr. Woods.

The Rooks County State Bank was organized in April, 1909. Robert Brittain, a local contractor, designed the bank and contracted for the construction. The building was erected during 1910 and opened for business on November 10 at the location where the bank operated until the year 2000 when it was closed.

Today the historic building serves as City Hall. The Ash Rock Congregational Church or “Stone Church,” located north and east of Woodston, held it’s first services on March 4, 1883. The native limestone building was renovated in 1976 and today is one of the truly historic sites in Rooks County

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