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Contest Rules & Criteria

The following rules apply to the #NoPlaceLikeKS contest

  1. By submitting photos, you are not giving up any rights or licensing for your images. Images that qualify will receive a comment from Kansas Tourism requesting the rights to utilize image(s) for future advertisement and social posting. After receiving permission, each photo will be credited to the appropriate photographer when possible. We will notify you regarding image use and type of media. 
  2. To qualify, images cannot fall into one of these categories. (We will filter as best as possible, but please let us know if your image should not be included in this contest)
  • Images cannot be second-hand from another photographer. 
  • Images cannot be selling or soliciting in any form.
  • Images must be posted by a consumer (individual account), and not from a business, travel organization, or other form of advertisement company.
  • Images must be taken in Kansas and show a Kansas location, landmark, view, or other notable area. (Images that are unrecognizable, have no real location, or are highly edited may be skipped.) 
  • Images must be of decent quality and portray why there is "No Place Like Kansas."
  • Multiple images posted by the same user on a constant basis may not receive communication or multiple entry. 

Photo Selection Process

Images will be selected monthly based on the number of votes received on our website. Each yellow heart clicked on an image, and registered, will count as one vote. These images will be selected and the owner will be contacted for future use of the image in our nation wide advertising. 

*Not every photo submitted and entered will be used for advertisement. 

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