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Kansas is home on the range for hundreds of bison, also known as buffalo, found at the many state wildlife refuges. Hunting to near extinction caused bison herds to rapidly diminish in the late 1880s. In 1871, one bison herd in southwestern Kansas was estimated at four million head. Just eight years later, the last wild bison was reportedly killed near Dodge City, fatalities of the Westward expansion frenzy that swept the state. Now, visitors to two of the state's wildlife refuges, the Sandsage Bison Range in Garden City and the Maxwell Game Preserve in Canton, can gain an up-close look at these majestic creatures by taking a guided tour into the prairies where the bison roam.

While there are few other states that can offer an authentic rural experience like Kansas, our major cities offer an urban experience full of culture, shopping and fun! The Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art in Overland Park, the Wichita Art Museum, housing one of the country's finest collections of American Art and the Dole Institute of Politics at the University of Kansas in Lawrence are just a few good examples of the many cultural opportunities available to travelers. Dining options run the gamut including the state's famous barbeque and fried chicken selections, delicious farm to table experiences and fine dining. And thanks to our state's thriving wheat production, Kansas is known as "the breadbasket." If you haven't tried our fresh-baked breads, pies and other goodies at restaurants, diners and bakeries across the state, you're missing out!


Kansas has always been known for fertile farmlands and its rural heritage. But if you think you know Kansas, think again.

Ride a Camel...Explore an Underground Salt Museum...Hunt for Fossils... Go on a Cattle Drive...Enjoy a Symphony in a Tallgrass Prairie...Follow the Santa Fe Trail...Boat on One of 24 Major Reservoirs...Visit the Garden of Eden...Take in a Bluegrass Street Jam...Hunt on more than 1 Million Acres of Private Land...Go Birding in Lush Wetlands

These, and many more surprises are all found in the great state of Kansas.