Story Starters for Foodies


No longer is dining an afterthought when travelers choose a destination. More and more these days, restaurants and specialty food establishments are the destination. Kansas dining, more than 150 years in the making, is making it easy to find the perfect culinary experience - and in a variety of both historic and ethnic flavors. In almost every town, large and small, throughout Kansas you'll find delicious, award winning local foods for little-to-near nothin'. You can't go wrong by ordering house specialties at the Hays House in Council Grove, WheatFields Bakery Cafe in Lawrence, or the Cozy Inn in Salina. Try the cinnamon rolls at Neighbors Cafe' in McPherson, or a succulent cowboy steak at Grand Central Grill in Cottonwood Falls.


Kansas is the nation's breadbasket and consistently leads the nation in wheat production. But Kansas is more than wheat; its diverse agricultural background offers visitors a multitude of attractions and activities that incorporate not only fun, but food, history and even support for local businesses.