WATER Center

(316) 337-9262
101 E Pawnee, Wichita, KS 67211
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The WATER Center offers many opportunities for visitors
to learn about water, conservation, aquatic wildlife and pollution prevention.

Inside the Center visitors
can tour the museum, speak to a Water Quality Professional or participate in a water education program. Please call the Center for a current
schedule of programs.

See Wichita’s largest public aquarium! The 11,000-gallon aquarium is filled with Kansas’ fish, many of which come from the Arkansas River. Learn about the diversity of our rivers and streams. See what other fish can be found in our state’s waters.

Take a walk along the creek to find out about the aquatic food web, buffer strips, and wetlands. View waterfowl, fish and other “critters” that have made the WATER Center their home.

Want a bigger adventure? Check out a “Family
Adventure Pack” from the WATER Center. Perfect for small groups, the packs are filled with activities for a deeper journey into the world of water. The packs can be checked out for two hours at a time with a current drivers license.

Come inside and view some of
Kansas’ smaller aquatic creatures. The WATER Center’s museum boasts a 1,400-gallon aquarium filled with native fish. Touch shells and artifacts found in the Arkansas River and local streams. Or, touch the screen of the “WATER on the Web” exhibit to learn about floods, droughts and the watersheds in Kansas.

In the future, additional pieces of the “Captive
Flow, An Endless Journey of Water” exhibition will be installed. Please contact the WATER Center for sponsorship and donation information.

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