Wass De Czege Cavalry Stables

273 Cameron Ave, Bldg 273, Fort Riley, KS 66442
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The Commanding General's Mounted Color Guard Stable is housed in the last cavalry training stable which still has a cobblestone floor. This building was built in 1889 with a capacity for seventy-six horses. Constructed of native limestone, the 143 feet by 63 feet structure was built at a cost of $8,861. Rooms were set aside for the Stable Sergeant and Tack Room.

After the Civil War, Fort Riley helped protect railroad lines being built across Kansas. In 1866, George Custer took charge of the 7th Cavalry Regiment at Fort Riley and led it in campaigns the following year in western Kansas and Colorado. In later years, the 5th and 6th Cavalry Regiments and the 16th Infantry Regiment were also based at the fort, and the famed "Buffalo Soldiers," the 9th and 10th Cavalry Regiments, were stationed there several times from the 1860s until the start of World War II. Many of the frontier forts were closed by the late 19th century, but Fort Riley survived when Lt. Gen. Philip Sheridan recommended that it become the "Cavalry Headquarters of the Army."

Today the building is home to the Mounted Color Guard and is staffed by a First Sergeant and special duty soldiers from units assigned to Fort Riley. In the past, it also served as an indoor pistol range.

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