Verdigris Valley Quails Unlimited Wildlife Federation

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210 Bermuda, Independence, KS 67301

THE DATES ARE SET, Nov 17th and 18th for the Kansas Quail Championships here in Independence, KS. We are still working out the details of the actual location, but the fields will be 7 to 8 acres and the birds will fly well (if you don't hit
them they will fly away). The bird plants will be random front to back. It will take good dog work and good shooting to run 4 to 5 minute fields unless you get very lucky. That puts Dad out (the shooting part). The runs will be 20 minutes maximum, with 3 points being awarded for every minute left over in the run (NUCS Rules).

We will be running a 2 field combined score format. We will have 2 pointing fields and 2 flushing fields. Each dog will run 1 field on Saturday and the other on Sunday with the best combined score winning the event. The field limits will be set at 40 Pointing Dogs and 40 Flushing Dogs. We will allow dogs from the Amateur or Puppy divisions to enter but if they place and decide to take the money, they will be considered Open Dogs from that point on in NUCS events. They will, however, be eligible for any other prizes offered even if they choose not to take the prize money. If a Amateur Dog places and chooses not to take the money, the money will slide to the next highest placing dog. You can only enter each dog 1 time.

We will be running NUCS rules which vary slightly from BHU and NBDC. The major difference is that there is no safety on the dog. Try to make sure you put the bird up so you have the shot you want. Like I said, these birds will fly well. There is also no "non performing bird" rule. Even in the flushing division there is very seldom a trapped bird. Another difference is that your dog can hunt out of bounds for birds that may have left the field. If you have a dog that will point for the required time (3 sec), and then put the bird in the air, it is fair game as long as the shooter is in bounds. Flushers can work their dog out of bounds with any birds found being fair game as long as the hunter is in bounds. Get um any way you can.

Now for the good stuff. We will have the standard NUCS payback which, with a large field, will be substantial. We also have another $2000 added money to split between the 2 divisions. We will have Championship Cups for the 1st 3 places and plaques for 4th and 5th and will pay thru the top 5 placements. We will also have a Customized Championship Browning Hunting Vest for the Champion in each division. These are NICE. Lunch will be available on site each day.

I do not have everyone's email addresses, so get YOUR entries in first, then let your friends know about this event. I think both of these fields will fill. This will be a GREAT event. Please forward to anyone you think might be interested.

Entry info can come to me at this email address or to Tony Sanborn 620-926-0048. Entry deadline will be Tuesday the 13th of November or until fields are full, so get in early. I will try to have run orders out by Thursday of that week.

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