Velocity Tactics

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523 E Wall St, Fort Scott, KS 66701
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Velocity Tactics is a United States distributor of lead-free bullets for rifle ammunition and handgun ammunition by Fort Scott Munitions and sells guns, ammo, tactical gear, tactical accessories, and offers gunsmithing. We are also one of the nation's leading developers and manufacturers of handgun and rifle ammunition for the hunting and shooting sports markets. Our match grade handgun and rifle ammo is engineered and developed by precision target shooters, hunters, and ballistics experts to exceed your expectations and provide repeatable results. Every patent-pending Velocity Tactics caliber is designed, developed and manufactured entirely in-house to exacting standards with low tolerances and then built into a comprehensive round utilizing brass, primers and powders. Whether you find yourself taking aim high on a mountaintop or startled awake in your own home, at the critical moment, you can depend on our lead-free bullets for your rifle and handgun ammunition.

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