The Blue Moon

(785) 392-3491
307 West 2nd Street, Minneapolis, KS 67467
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The Blue Moon was created by Kerm and Kathleen Wedel over 15 years ago. Today, the Blue Moon is still a local favorite for steaks, cocktails, and more on Friday nights. Located in downtown Minneapolis, in the alley behind the Blue Store, the Blue Moon has an old-timey feel, and a traditional steakhouse flavor to match. It's open only on Friday nights and serving dinner from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. But...feel free to stay later for drinks and live music! Enjoy a ball game on our 60-inch flatscreen television and help yourself to some free popcorn while you have a drink and wait for your dinner. Reservations are necessary for dinner but not for drinks. We hope to see you at the Blue Moon soon!!

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