The Bank

(620) 753-3451
S. Reed Street, Matfield Green, KS 66862
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The old and long-closed bank building in Matfield Green, KS now enjoys a surprising new life, as “The Bank”. Not a location to deposit or withdraw money, but an inviting place where locals, travelers and visitors meet and the coffee is always hot and fresh, where contemporary art is on display, and where rare books can be found.

The Bank is also an information center for people who want to see the Flint Hills not just from the highway–people who really want to discover and experience the tallgrass prairie up close in Chase County. Brochures are available describing auto tours and walks in the Matfield Green area of southern Chase County, and in the northern part of the county with Cottonwood Falls as the departure point. Good advice from locals is available.

Inside The Bank, the round table is an invitation to sit down, enjoy, and exchange views. On one of the high walls, portrait photos of Matfield Green residents shot by nationally famous photographer Terry Evans in the early 1990s hang on permanent display. Another wall features a large “Prairie Sun”, a sculpture created by artist Bill McBride, who also has several other pieces on display.

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