Saints John and George Episcopal Church

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The Saints John and George Episcopal Church in Wakefield is the combination of two churches. The Saint John Church was originally located 4 miles west of Wakefield and was dedicated in 1876. The church was supported by a glebe at that time. A glebe is a piece of land that is farmed and the income is used for the church. The Glebe still is in operation for the benefit of the Saint John Episcopal Cemetery at the original location of the Saint John Episcopal Church and is the only remaining glebe in the United States. The church was moved into Wakefield by a team of horses in 1930 and was attached to the Saint George Church.

The Saint George Church was dedicated in 1886 and stands in its original location. It has 11 leaded, stained glass windows and the original interior with the altar still as it was over 120 years ago. The interior detail carpentry work on the walls and ceilings was done by Mr. Fred Dodson who was a local cabinetmaker and plumber. He worked nights cutting each individual piece of wood on a pump treadle jigsaw before putting them into place. The Saints John and George Church is available for tours and weddings.

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