Rawhide Arena & Co.

(785) 867-2369
31983 NE Utah Road, Greeley, KS 66033
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New to the Greeley area, Rawhide Arena & Co. has over 57 scheduled events annually. Events such as: MoKan Youth Rodeo, CYRA Youth Rodeo, Kansas Junior Bullriding, National Federation Professional Bullriders Rodeo, Dodge Classic Rodeo, team roping, rough stock practice, Mutton Busting Buckle Series, and ranch sorting. Each season Rawhide Arena hosts different Buckle/Saddle Series and events with added money, trophies, and ribbons.

The cowboys voted “Rawhide Arena - 2006 MRCA Rodeo of the Year”. Formerly known as D & M Arena.

Special group events, camps and tours are available.

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