Prairie Passage Stone Sculpture Garden

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Industrial Rd & Hwy 50, Lyon County Fair Grounds, Emporia, KS 66801
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Eight massive limestone carved sculptures present a variety of images depicting Lyon County history. They range in height from 10-15 feet high and weigh between 5 and 9 tons. The carvings depict the rich past of Emporia. A few of the pylons are "ALAHE" an Indian whose hands sign "I come in peace". "LYON" is for Lyon County showing Nathaniel Lyon, a Civil War general along with elements of land, air, clouds, and area animals. "WAW" is for William Allen White, features the railroads, hammers, finance, connoting the economy and education of Emporia. Prairie Passage was produced by the 1992 Kansas Sculptors Association Team Carve. The pylons are made of cottonwood limestone that was quarried from the Bayer Stone Quarry in Chase County just west of Emporia. The sculptures are silhouettes with incised lines of varying depth and thickness. The carvings were accomplished by drilling, chiseling, feather wedging, and masonry sawing the limestone. Both skilled and inexperienced carvers participated in the carving.

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