Pinky's Bar & Grill

(785) 374-4200
428 Main Street, Courtland, KS 66939
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Pinky's Bar & Grill in Courtland, has a long history of serving up what new owner Betty Fyfe describes as "gossip, grub and beer." Over the years the business has undergone changes in ownership and emphasis but, Fyfe says with pride, "We're continuing the tradition of positioning Pinky's as a central place to get together with family and have a blast." She also adds, "The menu has stayed the same, but we've added some new things." So,like a fine wine, Pinky's Bar & Grill just gets better. Pinky's serves breakfast, lunch and dinner at its location on Main St. and is open until 12 a.m. Monday through Saturday. Lunch specials during the week include catfish, an award-winning chicken fried steak, plus fried chicken and roast beef.

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