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Paper Moon Antiques specializes in Authentic Antiques.  We handle vintage items in the shop as well as authentic antiques 100 years old or more which qualify items as "antique."  Our focus in the shop is unusual quality items which are not so easy to find these days.  It is not unusual for us to sell an antique item and have the realization we will not likely have another one in our shop again.

An extensive selection of quality antique and vintage collectable glass is available in our shop!

The special beauty and artistry of glass is a treasure.

Especially for those who appreciate the elegance and nostalgia which are a part of our history and the story of America and other renaissance areas of the world that have contributed to the grace and beauty of civilization.  We handle cranberry, vaseline, cobalt blue, many types of Victorian, art deco, art nouveau, depression glass, cut glass, Burmese, Bohemian, Carnival glass, Cameo glass, Early American Pattern Glass, Amberina, Rubina, Peach Blow, satin glass. cased glass, Mt. Washington, Steuben, Millifiori, Flashed, Custard Glass, Opalescent, Bristol Type Glass, Chocolate Glass, Durand, Tiffany, Quezel, Hobbs Brockunier, and on and on.


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