Neosho Wildlife Area

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402 Central, Saint Paul, KS 66771

Located on the broad, flat flood plain below the junction of Flat Rock Creek and the Neosho River, the wildlife area is a man-made marsh administered by the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks. The area covers 3,246 acres. The 5 largest pools on the area represent 1,675 acres of the 1,787 of intensively managed wetlands. There are 15 independently managed wetlands throughout the area. The area was primarily designed, and is managed to furnish a resting and feeding place for migratory waterfowl.

3 of the 16 pools are managed in a moist soil environment through a water level manipulation plan. 4 green tree marshes ranging in size from 5 to 15 acres offer a different type of hunting opportunity for the sportsman using the area. Area personnel plant an average of 400 acres of corn, milo, buckwheat, or millet in the hunting pools. The grain is left in the field and inundated in the fall.

The 800-acre refuge pool is closed to all hunting, foot and vehicle traffic during the waterfowl season. The water level of this pool fluctuates naturally throughout the seasons and provides good aquatic habitat for waterfowl. Fishing is allowed from March 1 until October 1. Good fishing can be found at times in the Neosho River, Flat Rock Creek and Brogan Creek, existing in part on the wildlife area.

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