Legler Farm and the Jackson Residence

(785) 741-2009
2127 205th St, Robinson, KS 66532

We are a working organic farm available for events such as weddings, funerals, reunions, parties, school field trips and house concerts. We allow camping on the farm and in our yard in conjunction with the events. Food may be cooked on our grills o over a campfire. There is an outhouse, outdoor shower and some access to our house as needed.
We emphasize outdoor activities with both structured play equipment like swings, playground structures, jungle gyms, horseshoes, basketball and darts. We encourage imaginative play and contemplative hiking. We have a trebuchet for launching bowling balls, pumpkins and watermelons; an ice-skating rink; a large sand box and a small sweat lodge.
We encourage other to participate in farm life including animal husbandry, building, building, landscaping, gardening, food preservation, hiking, exploring the creek, pond and timber and enjoy the sunsets.

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