Large Hand-Dug Well

301 N. 11th St., City Park, Seneca, KS 66538
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The Seneca City Council, on April 10, 1895, authorized a city well to be located on the west side of the city. They accepted the $29,200 bid of James T. Broughal, Kansas City, Missouri. Work was to begin by April 25 and completed within four months.The well is 34 feet across and 65 feet deep. The water depth is approximately 25 feet and has remained at that level since at least 1979. No records of measurements are known since the well stopped being used for human consumption.
Use was probably discontinued about 1937, when wells number 1 and 2, along with the million-gallon reservoir were built. However, the well continued to be used for watering the city’s golf course until June 2006 when the new 18-hole golf course opened for play.On July 19, 1899, “specifications for deepening the pump pit at the Seneca Water Works,” were approved. Those specifications also state: “This will also require a new tunnel from the pump pit to the well. This and the lowering of the engines will be considered separately.” The tunnel is not evident today, but probably entered the southwest side of the well, where the pipe is still in place.Tours by appointment, please. Call (785)556-4094 or (785)294-1174.

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