Kansas Veterans & Family Reunion

(316) 320-9249
4933 SW 2nd Terrace, El Dorado, KS 67042
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Wrist Bands and Lake Fees Apply

Veterans, their families and friends from all over the nation, are welcome to join us. For those of you who know returning Vets from current conflicts, let them know about our Reunion. Never pass up an opportunity to welcome a brother and sister home. You know how you felt when you came home. These kids need you too! Some of them will be going through the same shock you came home with and each of you know how much it helps to know there is someone who understands.

Formerly known as the "Kansas Vietnam Veterans and Family Reunion", we are laying the groundwork for the future and we are certain all will be extremely proud of what is to come! The Vietnam Era Veteran Staff has served the Reunion proudly and meritoriously. These outstanding individuals are looking for dedicated individuals to replace them as they are looking to retire from the staff. We need volunteers who wish to become involved or wish to become a member of the new staff, to keep the proud tradition of this Reunion going!

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