Independence Creek: Lewis & Clark Historic Site

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19917 314 Rd, Atchison, KS 66002
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This historic site, about five miles north of Atchison, is where the Lewis and Clark expedition camped on July 4, 1804. A pedestrian bridge over Independence Creek serves as a link on a 10-mile hiking/biking trail loop to the Atchison Riverfront in downtown Atchison. Other features include interpretive signs, NOAA Geodetic marker and a replica of a Kanza Indian Earthlodge. Cpt. William Clark wrote in his journal of the beauty of the location and wondering why the Kanza were not in the village (in July they would have been on a buffalo hunt in their hunting grounds in today's central Kansas) as the Corps of Discovery celebrated the first Independence Day observance in the West and camped near the empty village of the Kanza Indians.
The Kanza Earthlodge, trail and Lewis & Clark attractions on the Atchison Riverfront were named one of the 8 Wonders of Kansas History in 2010.

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