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They are a fledgling agritourism business in Northeast Kansas with a love of everything "horsey". Their 71 year old leader, Jim Thompson, hasn't been without a horse for riding or driving for most of those 71 years (you can see the saddle he received for his eighth birthday and that his kids also grew up in, that has been lovingly restored on display at headquarters when you visit) and his daughter Rita has stayed as close as possible to the magic of horses through him for her entire life as well.

The farm is nestled at the edge of the scenic Flint Hills of Kansas with an abundance of adventures just minutes away waiting for you and your family to experience. It is their goal to help you have just such an experience in the most fun, relaxing and magical way we know how... the Horseway!

They do as much as they can with their horses. As you will see depicted in some of the photos in the photo album on the website, Jim is using them to pull everything from a grain drill, manure spreader, hay wagon, disc, two different kinds of hay rakes, he uses them to drag logs to the log splitter and pulls a hayrack for hay rides, and we have some other conveyances to transport people too!

Let them take you on a peaceful evening sunset jaunt down the road and listen to the owls as they settle in for a night of serenading and hunting... or maybe you're up for a weekend adventure to get a glimpse of some of what our pioneer forefathers endured on the trail with a one or two day wagon train style trip through the breathtaking hills. The spring renewal range burning has brought the hills back to their full splendor making the grass so green you'll think you're in Ireland and dancing on the breeze amid this sea of green the colors of Kansas' many wildflowers will bring a smile because you will know that no one but God could bring you a bouquet this big or beautiful. After a full day on the trail, you've burned off that picnic lunch so they'll have a leisurely evening meal around the fire ring along with some authentic cowboy stories, original poetry or country music.

They can also provide you with a day of wagon training and then...

a buffalo ranch tour, or perhaps antiquing is your thing, quilting, visiting a winery or maybe fishing and a swim in the beautiful spring fed Lake Wabaunsee... or hey... roadtrip and it's 30 minutes off to the City of Stone, Alma, KS for a visit to the museum, bakery, or Alma Cheese Factory and a little antique browsing, not to mention getting to see some really beautiful old stone structures. Just give them a call and let us know your interests and they will put a package together to suit you!

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