Hoisington High School Historic Place

218 E 7th St, Hoisington, KS 67544
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Hoisington High School was completed in 1940, constructed through the Public Works Administration (WPA). Also, a native stone stadium had been constructed on the north side of the high school site in 1937 through the Works Project Administration.
The stadium is an excellent representative of WPA education-related structure. The High School is a three-story blond brick structure with a concrete foundation. The design of the school embodies characteristics of the emerging new styles Art Deco and Art Modern with simple, straight lines, vertical emphasis and stone detailing. The only major alterations to the building have been replacement doors and windows, a metal shop addition on the east side of the gymnasium, addition of an elevator and the rebuilding and expansion of the auditorium after the building was damaged by a tornado in 2001.
Both the High School and Stadium are excellent representatives of New Deal Era educational resources.
The impact of new Deal Era works is evidenced in the town of Hoisington.

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