Hillside Honey

(913) 773-0157
531 Dawson St., Easton, KS 66020
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Hillside Honey Apiary offers TOURS, as well as Raw Honey and more! This includes a talk about Apiology, the opportunity to don a Beekeeping suit (sizes for ages 2-92!), a 'live Hive' experience and photos with a frame of bees, and a Honey tasting session as well as two free Honey stix! The cost is $7/person for 5 and up. Minimum group size of 10. 531 Dawson Street Easton, KS 66020 (located just 12 minutes NW of Leavenworth, KS) www.HillsideHoney.com (913) 773-0157

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  • Exhibits Space
  • Description Hillside Honey sits alongside an old Rural High School building complete with classrooms, cafeteria, gymnasium and more.
  • Number of Rooms 7
  • Classroom Capacity 5
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