Hildebrand Farms Dairy and Bottling Plant

5210 West Rucker Rd., Junction City, KS 66441
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This third generation family dairy farm started at a location one half mile from the present dairy location in 1930. A new dairy site was built on the hill west of the old site in 1974. Along with the dairy the Hildebrands also farm about 2000 acres, growing most of the feed that is needed to feed the cows. Hildebrand Farms Dairy is dedicated to producing high-quality milk. Come and take a tour and learn how Hildebrand's pasteurizes, homogenizes, and bottles milk that is marketed in our local area. There is also an on-farm store at the dairy site. The milk is bottled in glass bottles and processed using a lower heat pasteurization method, which causes the least damage to the flavor and quality of the milk. All of the milk we process comes from our own cows and we strive to give our cows the best care so that they produce the best milk possible.

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