Hays-Frontier Park Buffalo Herd

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U.S. 183 Bypass & Golf Course Rd, Hays, KS 67601
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Located on US-183 Alternate, four miles south of I-70 and directly across from Historic Fort Hays is a small herd of buffalo. This herd is a remnant of the vast herds which once roamed the Great Plains of North America.

The Frontier Park buffalo herd began in 1953 with a bull named "Wild Bill" and a cow named Calamity Jane. The herd has grown to include the main bull, Max, and a harem of cows.
The area now occupied by the buffalo used to be the site of the Old Fort Hays military outpost. Open daily and FREE admission!

Located at this location on the south side of the Hwy 183 By-pass and in front of the buffalo herd corrals is an official State of Kansas Historical Marker that was erected in 1940. The first State of Kansas Historical Marker was erected in 1938, and now there are 118 scattered around the state as more were added during the 1940s and through the 1960s. This marker provides information about the creation of Fort Hays and Hays City. As a furthermost western frontier post, the fort was established in 1865 to protect military roads, help guard the mail route and provide protection for the construction crews on the Union Pacific Railway. Fort Hays also served as a major supply depot for other army posts in western Kansas.

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