Happy Trails Horseback Riding

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7610 SW Davis Rd, Auburn, KS 66402
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Trail rides conducted by experienced rider (18 years) who requires a riding test to determine the riding level of the riders. Easy Rider - (Begins with 15 minutes of instruction and is on flat ground that takes you around edges of tree lined alfalfa fields and beside a pond), Intermediate Rider (This ride is a little more challenging, walking the horse up and down some of the Flint Hills and crossing water), or Advanced Rider (This ride involves riding a horse at a trotting gait up and down the Flint Hills and crossing water. Riders must be 7 years of age or older, must be physically and mentally able to ride and control a horse, must sign a release of liability form and be covered by an existing health insurance policy, and must submit to a short riding test to determine their riding experience, knowledge of basic safety rules, and the appropriate level of trail ride. Each ride takes a little over an hour. Moonlight rides, sunset rides, as well as an extended rides are also available.

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