Glacial Hills Scenic Byway

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Glacial Hills Scenic Byway showcases the region of the state where unusual rocks were left by receding glaciers. It also showcases some of the oldest communities in the state where early statesmen made their homes. Lewis and Clark stopped in Atchison on their famous journey through the Louisiana Purchase. Atchison also is home to Amelia Earhart's birthplace.

Leavenworth is home to an historic fort as well as a major federal penitentiary. It also provides glimpses of life along the Missouri River.
Troy is home to a Tall Oak Sculpture by Peter Wolf Toth that pays tribute to the Native Americans in the vicinity.

White Cloud, visitors can see four states and a statue in tribute to the first piggybank.

History, arts, nature and recreation abound on the Glacial Hills Scenic Byway.

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