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7049 E 149th St., Overbrook, KS 66524
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Nestled within an orchard and vineyard in the gently rolling hills of Northeastern Kansas, Fieldstone was created as a self-sustaining farm. At Fieldstone, time has stopped. There are sunny, fragrant orchards to wander through and fresh, ripe apples to pick. Ducks swimming in the pond. Shopping in the Country Store.
At Fieldstone, the Orchard and vineyard are as cherished and maintained as if they were great works of art. Visitors to the farm may learn about the different flavors and varieties of apples by strolling through the orchard and tasting harvested apples and cider in the Country Store. Ken and Nancy Krause also offer educational field trips to visiting schoolchildren that begin at the trees and continues through the farm's packing and, in season, cider processing operations.
The vineyard, one of the highlights of the 180-acre farm, was created by Ken Krause who began making wine for his own use long before acquiring Fieldstone in 1977. The Fieldstone vineyards are planted with Missouri White French hybrids. It was while researching European varieties of grapes, that Krause discovered other treasures growing in the orchards of Normandy: crisp apples with a lusciously sweet, tart flavor for eating, cooking and making cider. Ken planted these apple trees, along with antique and contemporary American varieties at Fieldstone to create a unique orchard and vibrant vineyard that also boasts Asian pears, cherries, peaches and asparagus. During the apple season at Fieldstone, guests and visitors may pick their own fruit, deliciously ripe and shaded from the palest green to the deepest crimson. It's a glorious family experience to be shared and remembered for a lifetime.
At Fieldstone, country life is an experience to be savored and enjoyed. Take a tour of our farm on our Web sight and discover why a visit to Fieldstone will become one of the best gifts to give yourself and your loved ones now.

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