Amy's Meats at The Homestead

17967 23rd Street, Lawrence, KS 66044
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We are a small family homestead, naturally caring for and raising our livestock. We have Jersey milk cows, beef cattle, pigs, honey bees and free grazing chickens both broilers and laying hens. We've added a large garden to the mix and are trying to produce everything we eat all the while trying to share it with you! Good healthy food takes time to produce, we gladly share happenings here at the homestead with anyone who wants to know, education on how things were done, how they typically are done and the way and why we do them are a large part of our service. We want to help you be a part of producing your own food threw our CSA (community supported agriculture.Children's Cabin & Garden Play areas Animal Petting & Feeding Animal Demonstrations and Information Gardening & Harvesting of Garden Nature walks Cooking & Outdoor Demonstrations Farm Tours Broom corn Harvesting and Broom making/Demo

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